Get Paid to Shop – Are Mystery Shopping Jobs Real?

Can you really get paid to shop? What you need to know about mystery shopping.

Yes, mystery shopping can be a brilliant way to earn extra money on your own even though it isn’t technically a work at home job. In fact, some people make a full time living by doing it. Mystery shopping is very simple to do and you do not need to have previous experience, special knowledge or have expensive equipment. Many mystery-shopping companies employ both men and women of all ages as mystery shoppers. The company expects a mystery shopper to obtain feedback from of a wide range of products and services from different companies.

Some mystery shopping assignments require you to be accompanied by children so that you can report on specific facilities in places such as family restaurants or theme parks. In case you do not have children of your own or your children are not in the right age group, you do not need to worry, you can simply borrow them from your friends or relatives. If you really enjoy shopping, mystery shopping can be a simple and fun way for you to make extra cash.

Mystery shopping consists of paid assignments that require you to go to a restaurant or a shop like any other customer and give a detailed report about the service of the premise to the mystery shopping company. You can also be paid to sit down as a focus group that sit down and discuss new services or products. You do not need to travel to a certain destination to hold the meeting, you just need to have your computer and hold the meeting in the comfort of your home using video conferencing.

The main reason why there are mystery companies is to provide companies with impartial feedback on their employees, services and product. By so doing a company can improve on service delivery and quality of their products if they have a problem. Mystery shopping companies pay you to go to buy products from a shop, have a drink at a bar, eat at a restaurant, visit a cinema, and take part in focus groups.

If you are sent out to do mystery shopping you are required to visit the selected premise and test the staff’s customer service. If you are instructed to make a purchase, you should do so and test the quality of the product. You are reimbursed for the cost incurred. In case you are required to visit a restaurant or a bar, you are given a budget figure to spend on food and drinks and that money will be reimbursed to you on top of your fee for the assignment.

Data Entry Jobs from Home

Data entry is a work at home paradigm that keeps changing. Not so long ago, data entry jobs were strictly office jobs but nowadays online data entry has actually become much more prevalent and many companies have decided to hire independent contractors all over the world to make their work easier. With rise in crowdsourcing technologies, many companies are now able to parse out data entry into smaller tasks and then spread it out across a much larger workforce. Data entry basically involves simple data typing for different companies. It is a very simple job and all that is required is basic skills in typing on computer, computer knowledge, knowledge on opening net pages and surfing on internet. Below are data entry jobs that you can work from the comfort on your own house.

1. Data entry keyer

As a data entry keyer, you will receive a list of numbers, items or any other data which you will be required to enter them into a computer software program. Most of the time, data entry keyer normally utilize data keypad or a number to enter information directly into the software program. In some cases a scanner may be used to scan information then feed it to the computer software. This job don’t require a special training but employers usually provide instructions when applying for the job. You can expect to earn around $35,000 per year on average doing this.

2. Typist / word processor

The main responsibilities of a typist is to enter information which will be used to create mail labels, reports, and letters and other documents. They squally utilize the keyboard and other word processing programs to create files, correct grammar, punctuation and spelling errors to ensure that the document is well numbered, well-spaced and has the right font. Most typing jobs don’t require a formal training but most employers prefer applicants who are able to type fast and accurate, and have computer knowledge of at least MS office.